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September ’78. Start of my second and last year at Cranbrook.

September 28-’79: I am not concerned anymore with the atmosphere in a public building but with the atmosphere in the private, in my own pieces. Every piece is a step on the ladder of self-discovery and a force to explore new things to grow and enrich myself and my environment.

January 15,’79. I want to reflect upon the complexity of life in my pieces.

The horizon is the place were earth and universe/ infinity, visually touch. I consider birds as possessors of the universe. The horizontal shape is very important to indicate space – connection of the earth and universe – of body and spirit. I regard the female body as horizontal and earth. The mind as verticals.

I try to get rid of symmetry, series or repetitions. I want to extend my pieces in the future space they will be through shapes which indicate a direction or by the position of the piece in the space to indicate infinity. They have an illusive part in them.

Vastness = horizontalism – space – infinity – endlessness. I am trying to find my balance between horizontalism – verticalism. A search for a perfect balance.

I found vertical stripes in the Natural History Museum in LA on animals in nature to hide their horizontalism. Verticals of grass and trees -to grow-.

Emphasize and accentuate space and scale/ relationships in nature. Not a registration but a general interpretation of THE nature, the infinite space. Nature as a starting point.

My sculptures at this moment are wooden structures with a composition of various colored pieces of cloth. Around the whole structure a transparent cloth is stretched. They create a very spherical look.


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