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LinkedIn. 24 nov. 2020
My MFA study at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan has had a great impact on my development as an artist since the approach of my work originates from that period. In my work I try to express the relationship between nature, being part of, and dependent upon, and culture, manmade.

I had architecture and photography as minors and in my graduation show I showed three works which were indications of my future developments:
One photograph showed haystacks. It was a repetitive movement of several photos with the same imagery. Stuck in between plexiglass and hold in wooden frames. It stood zigzagging on a shelf I made. It indicated that rhythm of nature always goes on. After death new life takes over again.

The second piece was a very minimal work: a horizontal, indicating my connection with the earth, piece of wood in al long small triangular shape, with a transparent piece of pink nylon cloth stretched over it. One of the colors of the beautiful skies in Michigan USA.

The third piece was a large installation consisting of wooden beams painted in many colors. The lines went from a floor structure into a diagonal pattern of wooden laths which leaned against the wall. This piece led to many commissions in public buildings which I started once back in The Netherlands.

Since the end of last century, I re-assemble wooden baroque devices and I re-use the ornamentation which was inspired by natural forms. I recycle these within my work by re-assembling ornaments as supporters for my work.

This work resulted in a flock of sheep with handspun dreads as skin and a series of big and small shell pieces, embedded in a frame of baroque ornamentation.
At this moment I am researching the relationship between plants and the derived manmade ornamentation. I am trying to find the conjunction between nature and manmade. I am working on many sketches which will lead to the mural works. I am going back to more installation type of works. It is an exciting period this period of introspection. And I am anxious to see where my research is leading me to.


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