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September ’77. Start of my study at Cranbrook.
I always wrote down a lot of my thoughts. So I quote from what I wrote over the years.
Hard work – clear thinking- humor- selfconfidence.
You are what you choose today.

The mysterious
For me it has a lot to do with light and diffuse light. Choosing to live my life today involves taking risks and means to experience the mysterious, the true source of all art, the most beautiful thing, the unknown, as the source of my work. Mystery means atmosphere, mystery means nature, and mystery means humankind and they all work together.
To build on the mystery means progress, means innovation.
Being an artist means an eternal search for my own truth, it means to strengthen my own I, my thinking, and my imagination. To be in myself, think in myself, I become myself and express myself.
It is not what you see or know. It is what you don’t see and don’t know: the mystery.
Anyway: I think art must be pure and unspoiled like nature with the same mystics as are in nature and which we’ll never understand.

Failure can be instructive; it can be an incentive to work and exploration. It can even be thought of as success of it points the way to new discoveries or strategies for getting grip on the mysteries and the unknown.

The end of my first year at Cranbrook
The first year at Cranbrook has been a very hard and fruitful one.
Only after a year of struggle I accepted myself as an artist. I wanted to be one. I mean I felt myself an artist but did not want to work for it.
The study is very heavy because you must make art all by yourself. I decided to make it happen. I must build to grow.

The feeling is my inspiration. I try to find a perfect balance in the relationship of all the elements I am using and to come to a perfect unity in juxtapositions – materials and shapes.


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