Claire Begheyn MFA

Invitation Open Studio: 30 sept. 1-2 oct.

The Shell Series


In this website everything I ever did as a visual artist comes together. It gives an overview about everything I did until now and what I am thinking and experimenting with at this moment as an introduction to my future work.

At Cranbrook Art Academy where I got my MFA I studied at the textile department. But soon I left the material. I had architecture and photography as a minor. Ever since I worked with many different materials as the material side of the work is not the content.

I did big projects: commissions in public buildings, the flock of sheep, the shell series. At this moment a new chapter has started which has to do with the plant world. Images are intermingled in my head. The new works will come out of this chaos. I will show this process to you . Press: my development.

Also in my photography I have different chapters. I am photographing since 1975 and this is the first time I am coming out with my photo’s. My interest from my minor in architecture is clear in the chapter: ‘Architecture’ under the knob photography.

My sincere wish is that my work expresses my love for everything alive, handmade by men, and my respect and love for life itself. Wondering about what life and the life is.

Bill Lowe Gallery presents

Biology and the Baroque | Prisoners of Matter